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Roadside Rescue.

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Midas Auto Services Centre

When you need a tow, give us a call and get the fast assistance

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Road Rescue

(+254)722 870 527

  • Inclusive

    Towing and roadside assistance anytime. Got stuck? We are here to rescue you!

  • Reliability

    We tailor make our towing and rescue services according to the customers need at any given time.

  • we’re fast

    We are a 24-hour towing service and timely customer service country wide. Just call us we'll assist you

  • Reasonable Price

    A company with reasonable rates , a 24-hour towing service and timely customer service

  • Experienced

    Need a tow or rescue? Midas Auto Services got you covered.

  • Fully Loaded

    Midas Auto Services is fully equiped with Trucks and equipments.

Safe Delivery Of Your

Vehicle is Guaranteed!

If you're stranded with a vehicle that needs to be towed, we've got you covered. We take pride in arriving promptly after your call and taking care of all the tough work for you. Plus, we charge reasonable prices for our services.


Towing of wrecked salvaged vehicles


Mechanical issues depending on type of vehicle


we assist you with your vehicle stuck on the road side


Your vehicle has broken down on you? no problem we are here to help


Need a vehicle transported from one location to another we can sort you out


Your daily drive stalled on you we'll Midas can come to your rescue

Midas Auto Services Centre

Services at a glance

Towing and Breakdown

When choosing a towing partner for your fleet, you need to choose a company with reasonable rates, a 24-hour towing service and timely customer service

Forklift and Crane Hire

When you need to hire a forklift or crane to move cargo from the airport to the warehouse or to offload your shipment.

Mobile Car wash

Midas offers an ON-DEMAND mobile car wash service. We come to you at home or work.

First Aid Kit

We supply personalized first aid kits. The kits meet all international safety standards and DOSHS/OSHA 2007 Factories ACT.

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